Curio Recording merges the vibe & soul of the 1970s studio with the versatility of the modern day music industry. Born from the founder’s experiences on both sides of the glass (as engineer and artist), Curio delivers great sounding records by providing the artist with a comfortable, inspiring atmosphere to ignite their vision.


Curio is owned and operated by Audio Engineer Robb Krysl who spent years in the competitive L.A. music scene before calling the Rocky Mountains his home.



Jane’s Addiction

Ben Harper

A Fine Frenzy

Ben Ripani

Divided Heaven

Tony Mihaly

Young Atlas

Nicky Davey

Michael Hurst

Julian Peterson

Black Moon Howl

Theresa Peterson

Steve Jones



Emblem Studios

Sound City Studios

Eldorado Recording

Glenwood Place

Love Muscle

Jim French

SteveO Done Deal

Tashianna Merryman


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