Christmas Arrived Early

Soundcraft TS24 40 channel inline console

I have been shopping around the last couple years for an affordable large format console that is worth owning. While looking through eBay this November I found a listing for a Soundcraft TS24. I knew little about these desks, but after doing some quick research the descriptions of the sound, as well as the possible routing had me extremely interested.

The console was originally owned by Lou Whitney at The Studio Springfield LLC and was used on the Wilco track “Why Would You Wanna Live”. Prince had a TS24 in studio C at Paisley Park until 2003-2004ish and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” was tracked on one.

Picking up the console meant a flight to Springfield MO and a Uhaul truck drive back to Colorado.

As luck would have it, when I arrived at my hotel in Springfield I was told by my cab driver that “Elvis stayed here once” like it was the biggest thing to ever happen. Being a diehard Elvis fan in my younger years I asked the front desk if this was indeed true. Not only was it true, but you can request the room, which has now been decorated as a fitting tribute to the man who once stayed there.

Behold, room 409 at the Route 66 Rail Haven Inn!

Sleeping like The King

The return trip/drive was uneventful! After a long month following the drive, heaving the giant beast into its new home, waiting for cable materials to arrive and ultimately building a ton of connections, the console is installed and in service!

Large Format ConsoleChannel Strip

Patchbay Hook Up

For the hardcore gearheads: My TS24 also has Burr Brown ICs on the inputs and P&G faders on every channel!

Let’s make some records!

Happy Holidays and New Year!